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And so, I notice...

Aug. 18th, 2014 | 02:46 pm
mood: chipperchipper
posted by: lycanders_flank in worldstonekeep

...that the last post in here is my own, on a different journal, from six years ago.

I think it's time we changed that! I'm going to start posting some of my other Diablo II-based works...

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A taster of my tale

Jun. 28th, 2008 | 11:25 pm
posted by: pehteyemdjehuty in worldstonekeep

A young Amazon embarks on a questCollapse )

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Too much like work (G, 119 words)

Sep. 27th, 2005 | 08:59 pm
posted by: antikythera in worldstonekeep

A/N: yet another bug that audioboy put in my ear many moons ago.


They arrived in town exhausted and road-weary, and were welcomed with a feast.

A young woman carried a trencher of sizzling honey-cured meat around the long table. The necromancer refused his share as graciously as he could—but any anxiety he had about offending their hosts was unfounded. The girl didn’t seem surprised. Maybe she’d come to expect odd little quirks from mages.

It had been a long time since he’d had such a substantial meal-- bread and cheese, ale and a roasted yam.

Truth be told, it had been even longer since he’d been able to look at preserved flesh, or burnt skin dripping with fat, or marrow inside a split bone, and think of it as food.

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My introduction

Sep. 21st, 2005 | 12:42 pm
posted by: sirhcbazz in worldstonekeep

Hi everyone, I just joined yesterday and was so happy to find a fan-fic for Diablo that I had to write one, so here is my 1st post, if you enjoy let me know, and I’ll keep on writing!!

”Story-1000Collapse )

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(no subject)

May. 31st, 2005 | 11:25 pm
posted by: sulertech in worldstonekeep

Looking for some one to read and give useful feedback on something I am writing. It is not fan fic sorry, but still in fantasy.

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Just want to say Hi

Mar. 31st, 2005 | 07:31 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Postal Service
posted by: chengdugirl in worldstonekeep

Hi guys,

Just found this site today. I would like to introduce myself. I am a Diablo II lover since my boyfriend bought me this video game on the Valentine's Day during our sophomore year in college. Yeah, that's really "Romantic". Well, now I'm married to him and graduated from college two years already, Diablo II and its expansion set are still my favorite game ever (although I attempted to put MGS 3 in front of Diablo for a while. Then I realize that it was a silly thought). Diablo II is still my beloved video game. My husband calls me a nerd, but I don't care!

Since I was really busy for a while and stopped playing the game, the stupid Blizzard deleted all my accounts. Bye bye level 95 Amazon and the rest of the warriors. I'm determined to rebuild my army! So far after two weeks of hard work, I created a level 70 sorceress.

Anyway, I will stick around this community and seek for advises and suggestions. I'm very glad I found this place. Nice to meet you all!

P.S. my account name on Diablo II is icecreameater (I really like ice creams). :)

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The obligatory introduction post.

Mar. 23rd, 2005 | 06:21 pm
music: DJ Bobo - Flashdance... What a Feeling [Remix]
posted by: deltashade in worldstonekeep

Hey, all. I was referred here by indefatigable42 and I think this community might be just what I've been looking for. I've been writing this one DII fic for about a year and a half now and pretty much everybody I know has seen it. So after learning of this community (by posting about the perils of FFNet, no less!) I figured I had to bring my work here for criticism. (And also, of course, to read the work of other people in the fandom. ^^;)

A caveat, though: The first part is not well written. I'm working on rewriting it, but as it stands, please work through it as best as you can, because the criticism is really quite important to me.

"The Legend" [aka "The Fic with the Really Uninspired Name (Because I Suck at Naming Things)"] Rated PG-13 for language and violence. ~58,000 words.

Many thanks in advance.

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I guess I should add these. ^^

Mar. 5th, 2005 | 10:29 pm
mood: artistictrying to be artistic
posted by: antikythera in worldstonekeep

I decided to draw the next chapter instead of writing it. I'm in the middle of an artist's block right now, but what pages I've drawn are up on DeviantArt, starting here:


Ratings? Umm, PG13, I guess, it gets a little gory.

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Prom Night In Harrogath - Michael J. Welch (short story, ~5000 words, PG)

Feb. 23rd, 2005 | 08:07 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: Paul Kerry - Trial 9
posted by: mikewelch in worldstonekeep

Prom Night In Harrogath

The Barbarian's taut muscles began to quiver – his resolve close to breaking. Every inch of his being yearned to turn and flee. There was no shame in it – there were plenty of other worthy champions present to finish this if he was unable.

“No.” He intoned flatly. His honor would not allow him to run. He raised his eyes toward his confronter.

“I’m sorry? I didn’t hear you.”

The proud, strong Barbarian seemed to shrink into himself. But despite his fear, he raised the volume of his voice. “No, Ma’am. It won’t be a problem to have your daughter home by 11pm.”

“That’s good, dear. And no need to be so formal, as we are all brothers and sisters here. Please, call me Malah.” The woman removed her piercing gaze from the Barbarian, who mumbled ‘yes, ma’am’ and slumped back on the couch in relief.

The Sorceress, who noted all of these things from afar, allowed a small smile to form.Collapse )

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Bedtime stories (short story, PG, ~300 words)

Jan. 10th, 2005 | 10:28 pm
posted by: antikythera in worldstonekeep

Immediately following Breaking the ice.

* * * * * * *

The camp was dark, and devoid of human sounds; crickets under the tent flaps and frogs by the river sang a soothing undertone to the silence.

The Amazon was curled on her side, back to the fire, weeping quietly into her bedroll.

Read more...Collapse )

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